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First impressions are often conclusive and can even change your life!
You are beautiful and unique, but with a little professional help, you can improve your physical appearance even more. You simply need to know your morphology, your colours, as well as a few small beauty secrets to learn how to best show off your beauty.
The great Karl Lagerfeld has said : « Appearance is unconscious, sophisticated and spontaneous; It’s before everything being in agreement with oneself. »
Ten years of work and study within the beauty and fashion industries have confirmed to me that the image reflected by a person is a communication tool without comparison. The best way to show one’s personality is indeed through one’s look.
I would now like to share with you the benefit of all my experience and studies, combined with all the small beauty tricks I have learned during my professional career.

My image consulting agency, Look By Amina Allam, together with my team of professionals, offers you different makeover options starting from a simple make-up assistance or personal shopping to a full-day makeover or even 2 days of styling for the most beautiful bride!
At the end of your makeover you will see yourself in «a different light». You’ll feel more confident and can more easily confront even the most important moments of your private and professional lives.

See you soon !

Amina Allam has worked as an international model during 10 years both in Morocco and abroad. She’s known from numerous magazine covers, advertising campaigns and fashion shows during her professional career.
Winner of the Mission Fashion 2007 model contest in Lebanon, she pursued her modeling career in Beyrouth.
After cosmetic studies, Amina continued her studies at the INTERDEC College in Montreal. There, she continued her training in the field of beauty and fashion in order to better share her experience and knowledge with her clients whether women, men or enterprises.

Whether you are a housewife, professionally active, executive woman or looking for a job, your image reflects your life and your personality. Don’t think anymore that doing a makeover is for others – why not for you? It’s a big step towards self-respect. Learn how to master your style and you will feel confident in all circumstances.

Our objective is to optimize your look, to reveal your beauty and to make it an asset without comparison to allow you to evolve with confidence.

When setting an appointment with you, we will ask you to fill in a questionnaire. Analyzing your questionnaire will help us to well prepare your makeover in advance.

Your appointment will start with setting your personal objectives in order to identify your style, respecting your personality and your morphology as well as your social and professional lives.

We will accompany you from A to Z and offer you our best advice on your look and how to reveal the best of you.

  • Make-up Service
  • Make-up and hair
  • Full-day makeover with shopping
  • Men's Special
  • Personal Shopper Service
  • Gift Shopper
  • Bridal Service

Study of your make-up and inventory or your products including skin diagnosis and color test. Advice for personalized make-up. Length : 1,5 h approximately.

Study of your make-up and inventory of your products including skin diagnosis and color test. Advice for personalized make-up. Haircut and/or color in a partner salon. Length : 3h approximately.

A full day to reveal your beauty. Study of your make-up and inventory of your products including skin diagnosis and color test. Advice for personalized make-up. Haircut and/or color in a partner salon. Inventory of your wardrobe. Identification of optimal style based on your morphology and lifestyle. Personal shopping with style advice. Length : 7-8h approximately.
Young Look for students : Skin diagnosis and color test. Face care with beauty advice.Advice for personalized make-up. Haircut and/or color in one of our partner salons. Personal shopping with style advice.Length: 5 to 6 hours.

A half day of beauty tricks and shopping. Style analysis and advice. Haircut in a partner salon. Personal shopping for appropriate clothing. Length: 4h approximately.

Shopping with a style specialist to help you find your personal style and appropriate clothing. Style advice.

Birthday, year-end, wedding and other gifts : we will choose them for you according to your needs.

This option takes at least 2 days : a full day to select your wedding dress, your lingerie and your shoes. A visit to the hairdressing salon will be organized to agree on hair style and make-up. The 2nd day will be Day D : we will accompany the bride during hair styling, make-up and the preparation for the big moment.



Welcome to my beauty and fashion blog. It’ll offer you various beauty tricks, information on latest fashion tendencies and interesting articles discovered in the web.
I hope that my blog will be an open space of exchange with all those wishing to share their experience and opinions. You can also send me your questions related to beauty and fashion.

Clic here to visit my Blog.


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